Why It Is IMPORTANT To Have Self-Control

Self-control is an aspect of inhibitory control, the ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts and behaviour in the face of temptation and impulses. It is the ability to think before taking action.it can also be called self discipline. It is the ability to keep yourself in check at all times.


If you have little or no discipline at all, then you lack self-control

When nothing motivates you

Little to know will power.

Difficulty controlling Emotions

Difficulty maintaining friendships.

Lack of attention and quick to blame others and circumstances.


There are four types of self-control to briefly take a look at, and they are:

(1) Self-Control Of Physical Movement.

This has to do with the ability to constantly seek to control the movement of the body.

(2) Self-Control Of Emotions.

This is the ability to manage one’s feelings or mental state, whether anger, sadness, happiness or excitement. To some, disappointment is too much to handle emotionally. While some can just die because of over excitement that they couldn’t control or handle properly.

(3) Self-Control Of Concentration.

The ability to focus one’s power, one’s effort, and one’s attention for a given period of time.

(4) Self-Control Of Impulses.

This has to do with having to ability to manage sudden unplanned actions.


(1) it makes it possible for success to be achieved- Anyone who exercises self-control doesn’t get distracted easily, and this enable them to manage their time and resources excellently well.

(2) Decision Making-it makes for easy decision making. Having the ability to stop, think before deciding can be really great.

(3) Self-Control can make you excel, it helps students perform better in exams and stay mentally sharp

(4) Self-control helps one to excel in their life endeavors.

(5) It makes you to triumph over every oppositions you may encounter on your way to success.

Conclusively, Self-Control is the art of making the right choice without feeling conflicted. A Self-controlled person focuses only on his or her goal and makes decisions, keeping the end result in mind. Self-Control is the skill that keeps you on the right track.

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