Simple Steps On How To Prepare French Cassoulet.

French Cassoulet is a traditional dish rooted in the Languedoc Province of Southwest France, dating back to as early as the mid 1300s. Traditional Cassoulet is a rich slow-cooked beans casserole originally baked in an earthenware dish, a casserole, hence the name Cassoulet.

It is made with duck confit, a time-honoured way the French preserve duck before modern refrigeration came into play. This dish was originally made in the village of Issel, near Castelnaudary. It was made from the red clay of the region and highly glazed.

Listed below are the ingredients for preparing this nutritious and delightful dish

A serving for 7. Preparation time shouldn’t take more than 8-10mins while it will take at least 2 hours to cook.

(a) 1kg (2 lb) of belly pork, rind removed and cut into not so large cubes.(b) 6 pieces of preserved goose or duck with its fat.

(c) 750g (1/2 lbs) of dried white haricot beans soaked in salted water over night ( soaking the beans in salted water overnight helps keep them tender as they cook.)

(d) 9 cloves of garlic

(e) 4 fresh tomatoes, peeled and with the seeds removed and finely chopped

(f) 750g or (1 1/2 lbs) of toulouse smoked Sausage.

(g) 4 Lightly cured pork sausages

(h) 1 tablespoon of tomato puree.

(i) 1 bay leaf, thyme and a pinch of powdered cloves, salt and pepper.

(j) fresh bread crumbs.


Drain the beans of the water used to soak it over night and keep aside.

Season the not so large cubes of pork with salt and pepper and fry in some duck fat untill it turns golden brown.

Add garlic, herbs, powdered cloves, pork rinds, chopped fresh tomatoes and tomato puree to the haricot beans.

Cover with fresh water and simmer gently for about 1 1/2 hours.

Part cook the sausages in some duck fat and put keep to one side with the pieces of preserved duck until the beans and its mixtures are properly cooked.

After which you put a layer of the fresh bread crumbs on the top of the mixture

Then cook in the oven for 20 more minutes and your delicious dish is ready.

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