Stop The Abuse Of Children, It’s A Heinous Crime

Children are special gifts given to us by God and are to be treated with utmost care, love and respect. No child whatever should go through the torture of child abus of any kind. It is a heinous crime that the society must do all it can to continually and consistently fight against until every child in every place is safe and fully secured against this wickedness.

Child abuse as the word connotes, is every form of negative, ill treatment, or mistreatment of a child or Children. It could be mistreatment of a child both emotionally, sexually etc, by an adult, who could be a parent, caregiver,  guardian and or other persons who are not strangers to the child.
Truth is that child abuse is not an unpopular topics, studies have shown that out of twenty young children, about five or more have suffered one type of abus or the other. And the likely places this terrible Crime occurs are as follows:

It can occur just anywhere ranging from the home, hospital, public places, a care home, in the neighborhood, school, amongst playmates, close friends, etc.

Child abuse can take any forms, it takes the form of disrespect, physical and mental pain.

 Types Of Child Abuse:

Emotional Abuse–Emotional abuse which can also be referred to as Psychological abuse is when an adult is consistently and severely rebuking, berating, and being violent towards the child, purposely scaring and using threats to, and not unconditionally loving the child.

SexualAbuse–This has to do with an adult forcing upon a child sexual contracts. It can also be when a child is coerced or forced to to engage in any form of sexual activity or behavior which includes molestation, sexually forced child prostitution, touching of a child’s private parts and the likes.

Physical Abuse–This has to do with all forms of violence against a child, ranging from physical injury as a result of hitting with heavy objects, stabbing with sharp objects, burning, punching, etc. Mostly parents, caregivers and sometimes, people close to the victim, are usually responsible for this heinous crime.

Emotional Neglect–When a parent, caregiver or guardian fails to take care of a child’s basic needs and  continuously not give positive attention to the child, you are abusing them. You are abusing your child or guardian if you consistently ignore the child’s need for love, warmth and security, and if the child is lift for hours without parental supervision and care in the hands of just any one because you feel they are your neighbors and domestic helps, you are abusing the child.

Physical Neglect–When a child is lift to themselves and not being given the care, nurtur and security that they need.

Signs Of Child Abuse:

Unexplained injuries suddenly popping up on any parts of the child’s body.


chang in sleeping and eating patterns.

Change in behavior that is difficult to explain or can’t even be explained, that also brings about change in personality.

Inappropriate sexual behaviors

Keeping secrets

Seeming anxious

Becoming withdrawn

Becoming distinctively aggressive

Poor relationships with parents and others.

Suddenly Becoming afraid of certain persons, etc.

 Ways To Prevent Child Abuse:

Start by disciplining your childe / children thoughtfully and  in love. You are not to discipline a child when you are angry, if not you will not achieve a positive outcome. Wait to calm down before carrying out the action, so that the child can learn and correct their ways.

Be a nurturing parent-use your actions to show children and other adults that conflicts can be resolved without hitting and yelling or being violent.

Teach children their rights. When children are taught that they are special and that they have a right to be safe, they are less likely to think abuse is their fault and more likely to report an offender without being afraid of the offender’s threats.

Don’t be quick to push a child away. Be patient enough to listen to them. Make your child your best friend by so doing,, they will trust you enough to tell you everything and anything that happens to them.

Help a friend, neighbor,or  relative. Please don’t keep quiet and don’t feel unconcerned because you are not the victim nor related to the victim.

Teach the children to speak out without fear, ensuring them that no harm will come to them as you will be a cover of protection over them.

Don’t take out your stress on the children, if you need to take a breather from your everyday big and small problems that have piled up, then please do, before starting to sort yourself out.

If you have what it takes, then be kind enough to help vulnerable children and their parents.

Be a voice to the voiceless in your community. Help to make their efforts to prevent child abuse work.

Be a supporter of prevention programs, so as to prevent the act from being carried out before prevention and intervention.

Avoid any acts that can put you in the position to abuse a child and strive to know more about child abuse, all the forms it takes and prevention.

Report suspected abuse or neglect. If you witness a child being harmed or mistreated, and or if you suspect that a child is being abused, or see evidence of abuse, make a report to your state’s child protective services department or report your finds to your local police.

Instead of pouring out your anger and blames on the child, reward them with words of praise for speaking out. And let them know they are not at fault for what happened.

Examine your behavior, abuse is not only physical, but it also involves both words and actions that if used harshly, can inflict deep and lasting wounds on a child.

It’s important to monitor what they watch on televisions, the kind of video, and internet viewing and usage they engage themselves in.

Excessively watching violent films, television programs and videos can harm a child’s/ children’s behaviors. They will begin to have violent tendencies.

In conclusion, volunteer at a local child abuse prevention program and help to curb this menace called “child abuse.”


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