Here In Pictures, Is A Traditional Outfit Worn To Symbolize Unity Support And More.

Clothes are worn of course to cover one’s nakedness and to protect the body from suffering from cold and flu. But it will interest you to know that there are other reasons for wearing clothes and what kind of clothes we wear is also of great importance.

As we know that culture is a way of life of a people and one element that stands a culture out is the outfit. And they all come in different unique patterns and designs. One culture whose cultural wear has become a household name is the Yuroba traditional wear.

It is called”Aso Ebi.” Wondering what aso ebi means? “Aso.” means Uniform, cloth, attire,or wear. While “Ebi” means family, friends, supporters, in the Yoruba language.

So with regards to the above meaning, Aso Ebi could be said to be a traditional Nigerian unique attire or uniform of same material, colour and pattern design, that is specifically worn by close family members and friends during big occasions, like birthdays, weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, church programs, village or Town meetings, etc.

Aso Ebi originated from the Yoruba people. In the South Western part of Nigeria. Yoruba  language is predominantly spoken in south West Nigeria. Other African countries like Gambia and Sierra Leone are also known to have the tradition of wearing aso ebi for special occasions.

The Reason For Wearing Aso Ebi To Occasions.

It is believed that it is important to wear aso ebi to occasions because it makes for easy identification of close family members, friends, the celebrant like in weddings and birthdays. It is a symbol of comradeship, solidarity, unity and support during an occasion, or events. Because of how popular aso ebi trend has become, it has now extended to every culture and tribe in Nigeria. And it is now worn by all and sundry.

In the pictures below, are some really beautiful and colourful aso ebi wears.

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