He is An Extremely Handsome Young Man Who Has Used His Versatile Talents To Cave A Niche For Himself

While some youths use their talents to get into different kinds of evil vices, some are wise enough to use theirs to better themselves. And one of such youth who have proven to all that the younger generation of today can actually make it in lifefe without having to be a Yahoo Yahoo or Yahoo plus, an armed robber, etc, is this young, handsome and versatile talent by name Akaelu Steven Chukwuebuka.

Popularly known with the stage name, Steve Chuks,  Chukwuebuka is a Nigerian actor, comedian, content creator and a Vlogger. He is from a family of three children with him as the only son of his parents.

Steve Chuks is one young youth who have become a perfect example of a young role model for other youths who have the believe that unless you are into money ritaul making, one cannot amount to anything in life.

Steve Chuks started out just at the young age of sixteen, in the year 2013 as a vlogger when he created a YouTube channel and started to post  short videos on his vlog. In 2014, he went on ahead to start the Steve Chuks show, from there, he went on to start  comedy skits.

It is also interesting to know that Steve is not only a comedian, vlogger and a content creator, he is also an actor who have featured in movies such as, “To Have And To Hold.” A movie produced by Africa Magic and directed by Alex Mouth. He further featured in Hush, Industreet,  The Agony and still counting. Steve is also renowned for making Skit videos that bothers on women and how they react to different situations and circumstances.

He began his stage play in 2018 with the the first play tittle”I be man”  a stage play that talks about toxic masculinity and act that has received positive acceptance all over.

In Steve’s skits he plays almost all the different characters and acts the roles excellently well. Be it the role of a stylish sophisticated  elegant woman by the name Cleopatra, or an elderly woman named madam Gold,  as an elderly man by the name chief Chike Chikeluba, a young son named Ebuka, , or a female domestic help called Udodi, he acts all the different characters very perfectly.

Steve Chuks is a native of Anambra State Nigeria. He studied Theatre Arts at  the University of Lagos. In his skits he dresses as  a woman, sometimes like a very wealthy chief and politician, classy woman, young boy or girl depending on the role being acted out.

Because of his versatile talents, Akaelu Steven Chukwuebuka alias Steve Chuks,    has become a household name loved and admired by many.

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