Pictures Of The Most Unusual And Brilliantly Constructed Buildings From Around The World

Call them the coolest, cutest buildings, but I call them strangest, weirdest, most unique buildings found all around the countries of the world. There are Architects and there are Architects. Some Architects are gurus and don’t joke when it comes to creating plans to be used in building constructions.

Must Architects are so deeply knowledgeable about planning and designing of buildings that they have taken the art to a level so surprisingly difficult to understand and or explained, but yet very beautiful unique and attractive. This is why there are so many buildings all around the world that you would wonder just how they are usually able to create such architectural designs.

These buildings come in a variety of sizes, shapes and functions, they are Architecturally and uniquely designed for different functions and purposes. The reason these buildings attract attention is because they are not just like the normal building you see around. They are unique, cool, unimaginable, and are the strangest weirdest most eye catching buildings from around the world and come in different shapes and designs.

Here in pictures,is  bringing to you the  weirdest most strangest buildings ever from some countries of the world.

This above is a building. It was constructed to look like a tea pot. It is a Museum in Meitan, in Guizhou, China.
Piano Building in China, a place for the Honeymooners.


Habitat located in Montreal and was built to function as a pavilion for the world fair in the year 1967.

The Basket Building in Ohio USA

National Fisheries Development Board Barcelona.

The Lotus Temple. New Delhi India. It is a building constructed for worship.and it’s also a place for tourist attractions.

The Crooked Building Sopot, Poland, built as part of the Rezydent Shopping Center in 2004.

Doughnut Shaped Guangzhou Circle is a building found in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. It is the home of Guangdong plastic Exchange, the world’s largest trading center for raw plastic materials.

Low Impact Woodland House Located in Wales, United Kingdom.

This Massive Cathedral Of Brasilia in Brazil.

The Waldspiral, Forest Spiral in English, is a residential building in Darmstadt, Germany.

Montreal Biosphere in Canada.

Graz Art Museum, built as part of the European Capital of Culture Celebrations in 2003, and has become a landmark in Graz Austria.

Stone House, Fafe, Portugal.

Kubus Woningen, Cubic House, Rotterdam, Netherland.

The Church of Hallgrimur, Reyjavik, Iceland.

Conch Shell House is a building in Isla, Mexico designed and constructed by Mexican famous artist, Octavio Ocampo.

Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada.

Rotating Tower In Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Library Building in Kansas City Missouri, USA.

Mind House in Barcelona, Spain used primarily for hosting a gallery.

Eden project, United Kingdom.

Niterio Museum of Contemporary Art,  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

The Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden. A residential skyscraper.

The National Library, Minsk, Belarus.

National Theater, Beijing, China.


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