Body Piercing: A Modern Practice That Has Become Very Popular Especially Amongst The Youths

Body Piercing is a style or interest that has become very popular in this modern times. It is now a very common practice amongst the youngsters of today, and interestingly, some older generation also engage in this Practice too.

Piercing is a small hole made in the body, using specialized needles and other piercing objects, typically other than the ears, then a ring, stud, or other piece of jewelry is then inserted into the hole made.

These days, because of how popular piercing has become, some lovers of this Practice, have taken it a bit further by not only piercing the ear, but now piercing almost every parts of the body, from the ear, to the lips, nose, tongue, navel, nipple etc.

Some say they Pierce for the purpose of adventure, while other seasonings include:

For religious or spiritual reasons



For aesthetic value

To look mean or rugged

For sexual pleasure

Or even to rebel.

To conform to one’s culture and more.

Piercing in the past, was Practiced, because it was believed to enhanced beauty. But over time, extreme piercing, has made this reason to become obsolete, extreme piercing has taken over, and has almost become a modern fad today.

Some people have become so obsessed by this Practice That they would rather go for the extreme piercing or nothing else would do for them.

Sometimes, one wonders how they manage to bear the pain of having all parts of the body pierced to the extreme. As the pain of having any parts of the body pierced can last longer than expected in some cases.

Though no matter the intensity of the pain, some piercing pain, only lasts for a split second, while some can last for almost a week. And it will interest you to know that the pierced area can take about three-four months to completely and properly get healed.

Though it is actually normal for the pierced area to get swollen and tender, there are also other side effects of piercings of the body which are, pain, possible infection on the pierced area, bleeding, scarring and keloids,  allergy reactions to jewelry.

Please before deciding to get a piercing, make sure to get approval from your doctor and remember to consider the side effects of engaging in this Practice.

From simple to extreme piercing images.

The most pierced woman in the world. Elaine Davidson.

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