Pictures Of Michel Faro Do Prado The Human Satan

Michel Faro Do Prado is a 45 years old, Brazilian who have been a tattoo artist for the past 25 years, now the interesting thing about Michel who is also known as Diaboa Praddo on social media, is not the fact that he’s been a tattoo artist for over 25 years but the fact that he has become so obsessed by the act that he has gotten almost his entire body tattooed and modified.

His craze for tattooing in the past few years have made him to become obsessed with extreme body modifications. Michel started by tattooing his body and gradually graduated to body modifications.

The man who is now referred to as “Human Satan” because of his horrible and scary appearance,has always managed to set social media on fire by constantly showing off his latest body modifications.

He had chopped off a finger and shared it it with his fans and followers via Instagram, removed his belly button, before this, he had chopped off his nose, amputated his both ears and also didn’t forget to share this on social media.

He has numerous tattoos and piercings all over his body and went on to customize his teeth. Michel the”Human Satan” Got himself a dentist who helped to sharpen his teeth into Canine-inspire arches which he has now coated in metal entirely and in other terrible modifications, he now has silver pointy dentures to make him look more like the devil.

He has four horns on either side of his head which is heavily tattooed and implants underneath his body, he has a split tongue, with the help of his wife Carol, who is also a tattoo artist, Michel’s appearance has been totally transformed to look like Satan himself.

Other hellish modifications include, horns, implanted in his forehead, with his body completely and entirely covered in ink,  including his legs and eyes which are now having a black Scarry colours, because he also did not spare his eyes from being tattooed.

Below are some of Michel Faro Do Prado’s before and after pictures.Michel and his wife Carol.

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