2023: What Nigeria Can Do To Eradicate The Debate On Zoning.

The debate on zoning has always been an issue whenever the elections in Nigeria approaches and this is so because of the winner takes all politics practised in the nation.

Also the Constitution of Nigeria gives tremendous powers to the president making whosoever becomes the president to be so powerful that it’s almost impossible to impeach him even when impeachable offences are committed.

Hence political offices role in the country can be designed in such a way to make any citizen aspiring for any seat, to know that he is only coming to serve and not to, as it is popularly said “Chop His Own Share Of The Cake”.

In other climes like the West which Nigeria and other African countries copies their type of democracy, governance is about serving the people as enshrined in the Constitution of Nigeria, that responsibility of government is security of life and property and provision of basic amenities.

Something has to be done to make politicians understand what governance is really about. The best way to start this conversation is by making political roles in the country unattractive.

Nigeria politicians when contesting for political office roles make promises like they will develop the health and education sector but when they get to office they give all kind of excuses for their failures and instead they themselves waste the nation’s scarce resources for their medicals overseas and send their wards to school abroad.

Capacity and character should not be sacrificed for ethnicity were citizens comes up with debates like “It’s my brother’s turn to rule” whether he is capable or not is irrelevant.

If the following is enshrined in the system it will eradicate the debate for zoning in the country.

1. Every political office holder right from the president’s office to the Local government cancellor and members of their nuclear family MUST not travel abroad for any medical trip or send their wards for studies abroad. This will force them to think on how to develop the nation’s sectors .

2.¬† Political office holders are only permitted to use made in Nigerian product during their tenure, no foreign product and that’s include cars.

3.  True federalism MUST be practised were all state have financial autonomy and can generate income and them pay tax to the centre. This will make the state governors  to be innovative.

4. Devolution of powers from the centre. Presently the Constitution of Nigeria give too much powers the president. This powers should be shared among the states, like states should be allowed to form their own police while the centre should focus more on external security.

5. The judiciary MUST be truly independent with little or no input from the executives in nominating judges and with must financial autonomy.

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