African Locust Beans Nature’s Gifts To Man And Packed With Great Health Benefits

Popularly referred to as dawadawa by the Hausas, Iru by the Yoruba people, and ogiri by the Igbo speaking people of Nigeria and the general English name is the African Lucost Beans. Wonderful nature’s  gift Packed full with health benefits.

African Locust Bean is a local seasoning used to improve the taste of different types of dishes ranging from soup, stew, jollof rice and it will interest you to know that lovers of this wonderful nature’s gift even add it as seasoning in their pots of cooked beans.

African Locust Bean is a product of a tree which has its botanical name as Parkia Biglobosa. It is a dicotyledonous angiospermn which belong to the family fabaceae and is grouped under spermatophytes, vascular plants.

African locust bean can be found in some parts of the West African religions, especially in Nigeria, Gambia and Cote d’voire, the pod of the tree are pinkish when they are not yet matured and gradually becomes dark brown when they are fully matured. is known for always adding taste and good flavor to dishes.

The process of preparing locust beans involves the shelling of the matured pods, continuous steaming, dehulling and then fermentation into different froms condiments. Locust bean is known to have this stinky unpleasant smell that you wouldn’t want to get close to it. But the smell aside, African locust bean is very nutritional.

The African locust bean has been found to posess vitamins that helps to promote good eye sight and reduces the risk of suffering hypertension and other diseases like stroke and the effects excessive stress according to local research.

African locust bean tree has been found also to posess wonders. For example, the pulverized bark of the tree is used to cure wounds and has been known to effectively bring about healings of wounds. And the decoction of the bark is used as for fever and as a hot mouth wash that relieves toothache in Cote d’voire and it serves great purposes for different African countries who enjoy this wonder of nature.

Locust beans are rich in vitamin A which is a vision booster, bringing about good eye sight and reducing the risk of experiencing blindness it provides the cornea with antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of the eyes suffering infections.iru by the Yorubas

According to research, African locust bean also contains soluble fiber that helps to control sugar level and reduces cholesterol level. It is a source of protein which serves as an important building blocks for the bones, muscles and cartilage.

African locust bean has been found to have the property to control diabetes, and a source of calcium which helps in the formation of strong bones. It ensures good oral health and contributes to the proper development of the human teeth.ogiri by the igbos

It boost male fertility because it contains Zinc which helps to increase the testosterone level according to research. And this mineral helps to improve the potency of the male sexual prowess.

dawadawa by the Hausas

It is also known as a good source of food digestion and absorption, locust bean contains lipids which are essential for the proper digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. These lipids are amongst some of the amazing nutrients found in locust bean and are needed to transport fat soluble vitamins to the blood stream to make sure that food is properly absorbed.

Locust bean is used to treat diarrhea because of the amount of tannin it contained and has also been used in West African countries to cure other variety of medical conditions like malaria, mellitus infections, ( a disease in which the body does not control the amount of glucose).

Locust Bean can be converted to powder and stored in tight containers for easy distribution and also to keep it preserved and longer lasting. The ones for immediate consumption and sold around in the markets are some times tied in small transparent nylons and small plastic containers and usually arranged in trays and tables for sale.

Try adding this amazing source of nutritious seasoning to your cooking today, I bet you would not want to ever Prepare your dish without adding locust bean after  giving it a try for the first time



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