Atletico 2-3 Liverpool: What Klopp Said On Simeone Refusal To Shake Hands With Him

Atletico Madrid started Tuesday somewhat disjointed conceding two goals by Liverpool forward Mohammed Salah at eight minutes into the game and Kaita scoring to make it 2 five minutes after the first goal.

The Spanish team had a come back as Antoinie Griezmann scored 20 minutes into the first half and another goal in the 34th minutes. Unfortunately for the Spanish giants who were on top of their game, the brace scorer Griezmann was awarded a red card 52 minutes second half due to his rough play against the opponent.

Atletico Madrid were now reduce to a ten man team against the English giant side as the absence of the French star created opportunity as Mario’ foul on Diogo Jota caused a penalty which Salah converted to the winning goal at the 78th minute.

Speaking at the end of the gameĀ  Liverpool Manger Jurgen Klopp said,

“Our penalty is a penalty. And I think the other one is not a penalty, but I don’t see it very often when they take it back. I didn’t expect that, but I think it’s the right decision.

“The red card is for sure unlucky, but it’s still a red card. Boot in the face and stuff like this, we’ve had red cards like this in the past.

“It was a tough game, come on! Honestly, how you win it, I couldn’t care less! The dirty ones are the really important ones! On a night like this, getting three points is really massive.”

“The situation is clear, I wanted to shake his hand, he didn’t want it.

“His reaction was for sure not right, mine [waving down the tunnel] was not too cool also, but we are both emotional, so when I see him next time we will shake hands definitely

“He was obviously angry, not with me, but with the game, it’s nothing else.”

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