CRY 1-2 CHE: What Graham Potter Said As Head Coach Celebrates First EPL Win.

Graham Potter address the press at his first victory as Chelsea head coach after the Blues came from behind to beat Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park

Was the introduction of Conor Gallagher an inspired substitution?

“I am delighted for Conor, delighted for the team, delighted for the substitutes that they could come on and have an impact. That is what you want. You want players that are disappointed and frustrated because they want to play, of course, but that they show that in a good way and are ready to help when they come on the pitch.

“I thought we had a good response in that regard. The group has been really good from the start and I am delighted for Conor, it’s a fantastic strike. He has a lot of respect for Crystal Palace, you can see that from his reaction. But he’s a Chelsea player now and it was a great goal for us.”

And there was also a first goal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?

“It was an important goal. He has been working hard to get himself up to Premier League fitness and I have been really impressed with him. But any forward will tell you it is important for them to score and it was an important goal for us.”

How pleased are you with your first victory as Chelsea head coach?

“On a personal level, it’s nice to get the first win under the belt. I’m really pleased for the players because the pattern has been starting well away from home and then conceding and not getting the three points or any points.

“So they could’ve felt sorry for themselves but they didn’t. They kept going and pushing in the game. It was a tight game, could’ve gone either way in fairness but we’ve edged it. That’s how difficult it is here at Crystal Palace.”

Thoughts on the Thiago Silva incident?

“It was a 50-50 one we’ve come out on the right side of I think. I think it’s one that we’ve been fortunate with; the fact it is quite a way from the goal has maybe helped us a bit and there are covering defenders. But I can understand Patrick’s frustration.”

What made you change shape today and are you likely to change again in the future?

“We lost Marc [Cucurella] and we also felt a back four would be better for us. So that was the thinking. You need to be careful with change because things have to be consistent. How we play is consistent but at the same time, we have 12 matches in six-and-a-bit weeks, so it will be difficult to keep consistency in terms of selection.

“We have to stay open-minded but we need some consistency in how it looks and what we are trying to do on the pitch. But at the same time, we have to pick a team we think can win.”

Do you feel a different type of pressure coming here as Chelsea manager?

“Pressure and expectation are increased because of Chelsea’s standing in the football hierarchy. That’s what it is. But that’s why I took the challenge and why I am here. Regardless of what you guys ask me and the narrative that comes from you, I tend to focus on the job I have, which is working with the players, helping them improve and helping them win. Thankfully, I’ve got off to a decent start but I know there is a long way ahead.”

You embraced Kepa at the end, do you think he has taken his chance with Edouard Mendy out?

“I thought he did really well. He made a couple of big saves but also, his distribution in terms of his decision-making was really strong. You need players to step up and perform and Kepa did that today. So I am really happy for him.”

How do you view Ben Chilwell’s performance?

“It’s not an easy place to play because they put two wingers up against you at times; players like [Wilfried] Zaha are hard to control. It’s his first 90 minutes in the Premier League but he had 90 minutes behind closed doors before he went away for the international break. He has come back from a long injury but he has a fantastic attitude, is a great kid, and am enjoying working with him

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