Fight For Nnamdi Kanu Release: It’s Time To Use Your Head- Dr. Maho

The debate is still on about the ‘mordi operandi’ of the indigeneous people of Biafra IPOB in agitation for liberalization of the south eastern part of Nigeria. Recently the IPOB issued a Sit-At-Home order in all the south east states in solidarity for the leader of the group Nnamdi Kanu. This order impactef on the economy of the region negatively.

Speaking Tuesday morning during the popular morning TV talk show Kakaaki news paper review, one of the guest Dr. Austin Maho made it clear that it’s time IPOB starts using their head instead of being emotional about the fight and like what is happening in the Northeast instilling fear on their own people to enforce the order.

The guests on the show both agreed that the strategy of instilling fear in the south east people so the Sit-At-Home order be obeyed is doing more harm than good. Further more the guest said that it’s interesting that the government IPOB is trying to get their attention are either ignorant or decided to be adamant to whatever is happening in the south east state.

Ordering the same people you claim you are fighting for to stay at home and not go about their business is not a good strategy. Maho said,

The Executive Government of Anambra State Willy Obiano reportedly on Monday lead the monitoring team of task force to sanction business organizations who obeyed the IPOB Sit-At-Home.

It was reported that gunmen suspected to be IPOB members on Monday stopped students from sitting for their exams in some part of Imo state. The Governor Hope Uzodima who recently in a church service urged the people to ignore the order, saying it’s a ploy by some criminal element to disturb the peace in the state. He assured the people of a safe and secure Imo.

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