How To Know The Mother Of A Child

Scientifically true mother of even the father of a child can be established by testing the gene of the parent and the child. Also legally speaking a parent can claim ownership of a child by adoption.

But who really is the mother of a child? Who truly determines ownership of a child?

Recently in Nigeria a lady was paraded by the Nigerian Police Force for selling her baby at N150,000. When asked why she did it she said she needed the money to pay house rent.

From the story we see that if the mother had succeeded probably the baby would have never known her biological mother and based on the treatment he or she gets from the new home she is taken to would have determined a lot in that child.

Another woman who adopted a girl sometime ago in Nigeria video went viral were she was seen seriously maltreating that child, she was arrested and off course according to Nigerian law the child will be taken from her.

Therefore the child is the one who actually determines who her parents are. Nationally children gravitate towards anyone who was there for them, showed them love when they needed it most, especially at a period when they were vulnerable.

Parenthood is not just by birth,. Anyone can give birth to a baby after sexual intercourse but the baby who is the product of the act only knows from the sacrifices, care, time given to her especially at a vulnerable age.

Therefore as parents we should be responsible to our children, spend more time with them even out of our tight schedule, sacrifice for them no matter what it takes, correct them in love and the child will not only accept you as parent but also grow to become great in future.

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