How To Save Energy Consumption In The Rural Areas.

This article on how to save energy focuses on the rural areas where we have majorly the uninformed people who probably have just been connected to electric power. This set of people are found in the sub-sahara region of Africa .

What I have found as an African is that many in the rural areas expecially do not know that as low as the LED light on a socket indicating the socket is powered contributes to power consumption.

I discovered a lot of waste of energy in this areas making the people to spent more scarce resource of energy and continue to groan that energy is too expensive, hence this article made easy for a layman who have no idea of how power consumption works.

To save energy consumption especially in domestic homes in the rural areas the consumer should understand that whenever any appliance is switched on or powered to source energy is been consumed and that includes the indicator light seen on socket or appliances showing its powered, though minimal but when calculated per hours that it was powered you discovered how much could have been saved if not powered when not in use.

The following are basic ways on how to save energy consumption for a layman.

1. SWITCH OFF APPLIANCES: The consumer should always switch off any appliances when not in use. What usually happens is that for appliances like TV most users only switch off via the remote control while the TV power indicator is still on. It’s always better to switch off from the socket .

2. GO FOR ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTINGS: When buying light bulbs always check for energy consumption. There are bulbs now that consumes over 70% less of energy and even more. Also use natural light when it’s day that means bulbs should be switched off during the day.

3. GO FOR ENERGY EFFICIENT ELECTRONICS: There are electronic sets that are very efficient in consumption of energy. There are smart TVs now that are not only efficient in terms of energy consumption but also can switch itself off while the user is not watching possibly because user slept off the TV goes off.

How to know consumption rate is by checking notice behind most of these appliances.

These basically is how to save energy in the rural areas were we have low income earners who instead pumping machine for pumping water they would rather go for the manual pumping or using the well direct.

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