Is It Only Christians That Will Make It To Heaven.

This is a critical question that many requires answers to as it bothers on issues of eternity (Life after death). Most especially the new converts that is those that changes their religion to Christianity or those still at the point of taken that tough decision to becoming a Christian.

In trying to answer this question we first talk about who this God we want to spend eternity with is and what He has said concerning this who will like to spend eternity with Him.

Many have come up with all kinds of postulations to deny the existence of God. Science demands proves but when we talk about God we speak faith (not seen yet believe).

The only way I can explain it to those who doubt His existence is to say someone a supreme being who began the begining of everything we can see. A supreme who created everything and name somethings good and some bad or some right and some wrong.

Some have agued that it’s about morals and principle,but I have always say who determined what’s right of wrong? Can a non-citizen detect or on his own decides what’s right or wrong in a foreign nation? Certainly not, if he goes against the “existing”.

The one who have put this rules, values and principles which guide the way we live our lives is God.

Back to the question, is it only christians that will make it to heaven? God in His wisdom has given everyone who would like to spend eternity with Him the how to go about it before he dies. In the early days of creation Man (human) usually sacrifice animals with blood to appease God for wrong doing.

This ritual has continued from generation to generation, and when God saw that the sacrifice of animal was no longer effective,(Hebrews 9:12-15) He came down Himself from heaven to save mankind from eternal destruction. Offered Himself as a pure and blameless sacrifice in the cross were He (Christ) was crucified.

For this work of the God, He frowns at anyone who continues in such actions but for those who accept and embrace the work done on the cross He welcomes to Himself John 3:16.

In conclusion and to answer the question “is only Christian that will make it to heaven”? The book of Life of guide that God has in His wisdom given to mankind “The Bible” state clearly in John 3:3 “Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Who was this Jesus speaking is God coming to earth in form of man to redeem mankind from the evil of this world.

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