Paul Ince Blast Ole Solskjaer For His Decisions On Pogba And Others

Former Manchester United player, Paul Ince, has blasted coach Ole Solskjaer in strong terms over his decisions on Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard and Donny Van de Beek.

According to Ince, Solskjaer stopped Lingard from joining West Ham United, gave Van de Beek 10 minutes against Manchester City over the weekend and Pogba has started receiving red cards because of the tactician poor decisions, adding that his decisions baffled him.

Speaking to The United Stand, Ince said, “Donny van de Beek gets four minutes against Atalanta. What worries me is the choices Ole makes.

“This is a player who Ole said, ‘come to Old Trafford, you are going to start in my team, you will cost £40 million, you are going to be the centre hub of the midfield’.

“This is what he said and Donny thought, ‘f*** me, this is my dream, this is what I have been waiting for’.

“Two years down the line he’s on the bench. Ole’s actually taken the p*** out of him.

“Not only has he taken the p*** out of him, he gives him four minutes against Atalanta and then goes, ‘oh by the way, here’s your chance, go and have 10 minutes against Manchester City where we have not touched the ball for 85 minutes and show me what you can do’.

“If I’m Donny van de Beek I would’ve said, ‘f*** that, I’m not going on now, you want me to go on for 10 minutes when we haven’t touched the ball for 88 minutes?’. Now you’re taking the p*** out of him even more.

‘It’s decisions like that baffle me, they really do. I don’t understand.

“He stopped Jesse Lingard from going to West Ham because he said he will be part of his team. You are 2-0 down and you don’t bring him on.

“You see the situation with Pogba now, he’s starting to get sent off all the time, all that is starting to flare up again. He will be gone by the end of the season.”

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