Reno Omokri Joins Nigerians To Call For The Release Of Chinwetala Agu

Nigerian political activist and former aide to  Goodluck Jonathan Reno Omokri has join in the call for the release of popular Nigeria actor Chinwetala Agu.

The actor was arrested by the Nigeria Army recently in the south east of the country for wearing dress with the Biafra coloured flag. Many have criticized the Nigeria military for the arrest saying it was uncalled for since the actor is not found with any ammunition.

Taken to his social media handle the activist has join call for his immediate release saying that the military should go after Boko Haram and Bandit and leave harmless Nigerians alone. Speaking Omokri said,

“Remember the Imam who threatened to kill Christians after the attacks in Plateau? He was never arrested by DSS or the military. The same groups of people that yesterday arrested Chiwetalu Agu for allegedly wearing a Biafran flag. Is there justice in Nigeria? I doubt”

The activist also posted a picture of the veteran actor on media handle where he was seen sitting of the floor at the office of the military. Speaking concerning the picture Omokri said,

“Compare the treatment meted out to Boko Haram members, who have killed both soldiers and civilians, and that meted out to Chiwetalu Agu.”

The Nigerian Army has denied allegations from the public that the actor Chinwetala Agu was brutalise and have stated clearly that he was arrested for inciting and calling for support for IPOB.

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