Safety Tips During The Yuletide Season In This New Normal

The yuletide season is a time people around the world look forward to because at this period most institutions close down for holidays, so workers seize the opportunity of the break to visit loved ones annually.

Usually the roads are very busy and people moves mostly from the urban where they are based to rural areas where they originated from especially Africa.

There’s therefore need to consider safety especially in this new normal of Covid and the security challenges all over the world that is taking new dimension.

It is usually cold this period, it’s therefore advisable to get kits to keep yourself warm when going on a visit like;

Jacket, Hand Gloves, harmattan hat and even shoes that you can stock in you trousers to prevent the cold breeze from getting directly to your body. Lip gloux to keep your lips wet .and smooth is also important as you also get moisturising cream lotion for smooth skin.

We are in a new normal of having to live with Covid virus, it’s therefore important to always remember the safety measures by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) of HAND SANITIZER, NOSE MASK, KEEPING SOCIAL DISTANCING AND POSSIBLY TAKE THE VACCINE.

The roads are usually very busy during the yuletide season, it is therefore important to ensure that your car is in good condition before you hit the road.

Confirm the state of the road : This can be achieved with the help of Google map or ask people you know that ply the route regularly. Is there heavy traffic? So you don’t have to spend too time on the road especially for security and health reason.

Ensure everyone in the car uses the seat belt: Though it’s advisable to split family members when traveling but many would rather traveled together, if that what you want make sure you cannot only drive but can also manage other road use very well while driving or get a good driver. Always remind the children sitting at the back to use the seat belt.

When traveling during the yuletide season do not make too much noice by using sirens or tinted glasses in your car therefore drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. This is common in Africa were people wants to show how wealthy they have become.

Not necessary at all with all the kidnapping, robbery, assasination and other terrorism acts happening on our roads. Its better to go low key and be safe. When you get to your destination gather information concerning the security state of the community and if you must visit anyone or place go there straight and return.

As you travel this season always remember that ITS BE BETTER TO LATE THAN TO BECOME LATE.


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