Samuel Wasn’t A Great Dad.

Samuel, a great prophet well respected and loved by many, his word was law at the time and he was not only a king maker but anytime he shows up Kings shivers at his presence.

The Muslims also have great respect for this prophet so much for the role he played in anointing the new king David at the risk of been killed by the incumbent Saul who had all the intelligence and powers to eliminate anyone perceived to planning to take over his Throne.

Shammel as the Muslims calls him loved God that he could hear God speaks to him clearly, followed God’s instruction to the letter but little or nothing was heard concerning his family.

The Bible says concerning his children that they didn’t walk the path of their father but instead were corrupt, dishonest and disorderly . But what could be the reason that a man father of that Calibre will have such character as children?

Samuel had a spiritual father in the person of Eli. Eli taught Samuel how to walk and work with God but unfortunately he (Eli) failed in the area of parenting that the children became so wild and started commiting all kinds of atrocity even in the house of God.

Samuel had the opportunity to have learnt from his master’s mistakes but unfortunately he didn’t and also suffer the pains parents passes through because of a disobedient child.

The role of a dad cannot be overemphasized , inspite of their tight work schedule, he is expected to be always available in the lives of his children know their friends, visits their schools understands their ups and downs.

These and many more will help with the required clue they need to be able to relate well with their wards. It must be clear here that money is not everything and cannot play the role of a physically available dad.

An African adage says, “The empire a man focused his arsenal to build at the detriment of his children,shall be brought down by that untrained child.

It has been reveal in most marriage that a child only recognises that man that was available for him/her not the man who made the money available.

Are you a dad or would be dad,please plan to get more involved in your children’s activities and the will become that great man you dream they will become.

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