What Tuchel Said About The Team Spirit Ahead Of Burnley Encounter

Ahead of Saturday’s  Premier League Encounter Coach Thomas Tuchel has said that the blues are United and that it’s a pleasure managing the team. Tuchel who didn’t want to compare teams,said you can only be successful if you become part of yiur team.

Speaking when asked “How important is the team spirit, is this the most united group you’ve coached?” The tactician said,

“It is a united group and it is a pleasure to manage them. I don’t like comparisons because I like all my teams and you can only be successful if you like your teams and become part of it.

“I don’t know what you saw on social media because I am not [good at basketball]. It worries me a little bit what our guys put out there! It is nice to be here every day and it is part of it to laugh together and enjoy our time.

“We know exactly, at the end, when the game arrives that you need a mix to enjoy the moment, feel free, be creative, be courageous but at the same time know what’s coming, know how hard it is going to be in the Premier League and be fully focused.

“You always want a good mix. If you see us play basketball, it is because it is two days after a game or before a game and we don’t want to give too much load. We still want to have the boys together out there and enjoy what they are doing. It is a good group with a good spirit and it is nice to be here every single day.

Chelsea will encounter Burnley Saturday 6th November at 16:00.

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