Why Babajide Said Bandits Are Not Terrorist

The maestro of the popular television show Journalist Hangout on television intercontinental TVC Mr. Babajide Otitoju has on Monday cleared the air on whether Bandits are Terrorist.

Speaking during the programme Journalist Hangout Babajide Said after a called the hangout crew and asked that the criminals  should not be called Bandits but simply terrorist.

In response to the caller, Babajide and the hangout crew said to it viewers that we shouldn’t get emotional about the name of the criminals that Bandits are different from terrorist. While Bandits are criminal whose aim is to instil fear either by kidnapping or other means on it victims most times to make money, Terrorist are idelogical group.

Bandits he said has no ideology like the terrorist who are driven by an ideology. Speaking he use the Boko Haram group as an example whose ideology is an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law.

The journalist Hangout crew said to it viewers that ” that because the bandit can bring down an aircraft doesn’t make them terrorist saying that anyone can posses the hardware that can bring down an aircraft .

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