Why It’s Compulsory To Seek Parental Consent Before Marriage.

Marriage is a beautiful union for newly wedded couple, but it can turn sour if the necessary foundational steps are not taken.

One of this steps and compulsory one at that is parental consent. Many have argued that it’s not compulsory especially because we are in the 21th century. But I have also say to those with this notion that if you want a sweet and lasting marriage then Parental consent is a must.

Statistics have shown that countries with the highest rate of divorce are in the west, theĀ  European and American countries. We see in these nations that a guy can just meet a lady on any of the social media platform, they fall in love and decides to get married in two weeks.

All they need to do is move to any church or court with or without family members and they are married. Statistics also reveals that no African country is among the top 20 highest rate of divorce. Parental consent in African countries is part of culture which has helped to keep marriages in that part of the world.

Most recent data has shown Russia as having highest rate of divorce while the USA is forth on that list. This data revealed that The US records 6,646 rate of divorce average daily and 46,523 rate of divorce per week. The data also revealed that the average first marriage in the State last for just 8 years. (wf.lawyers.com)

This is not the desire for anyone who wants to get married and enjoy a sweet home and family, hence parental consent is one of the compulsory step to be taken as you plan to be join to another in marriage.

Parental consent of a marriage simply means parent approval of their child to get married to another parent’s child. This means that both parents have to be involved and get to know each other.

For the following reasons therefore Parental consent is compulsory:

WITNESS: No man just dropped from the sky, we all came to this world through someone and when we grow and ready for marriage this person’s who nurtured us till maturity stands with us as witness as we are been united with our spouses.

APPRECIATION: Our parents who have been there for us right from birth,sacrificed for us to make sure we do well in life it’s only appropriate we say thank you to show them we are really grateful for all they have done for us right from birth. This will help for a continuous relationship and we can always call for support and advise.

GUIDANCE: Newly wedded couple will always need counsel from parents on marital issues. Marriage is the real thing different from dating,this time couples begins to know each other better and starts discovering things that will only take experience to handle. Just a call on parents will help sort it out.

SUPPORT: Marriage have it ups and downs, there are times couples will need that support from parents be it financial, emotional or even mental support. Many homes have been broken because of these reasons but with the support from parents homes are strengthened.

BLESSINGS: Believe it or not we cannot deny the impact of words spoken on a child on his or her wedding day by parents. There’s power in spoken words and when parents speaks or prays for their children from a joyful heart that marriage is set up for glory.

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