Why What You Want In A Partner Must Be Unambiguous Before Starting A Relationship

Someone who have been married now for over ten years with four children complained bitterly that he is tired of his wife’ attitude even after his effort for her to change.

According to him now a pastor, his wife has refused to grow,not able to read, members in his church complains that how come his wife can’t read the Bible well advising him to try and build his wife up to avoid embarrassment anytime she come up stage to minister to the church.

He is threatening that if she doesn’t improve he will have no choice to divorce her. My question is that did you suddenly realised she can not read well after over 10 years of marriage? Did you suddenly started getting irritated when she reads or because the church member opened your eyes.

That is why you must know the person you want to enter into any kind of partnership very well before you get intimate. How can I know someone when I cannot read someone’s mind?

It is first knowing what you want in a partner and asking critical questions whenever you are together or on a date. There is a saying that “A man that doesn’t know where he is headed, anywhere he gets to will look like it.

Secondly you ask critical questions concerning your likes and dislikes and answers you get from the potential partner will determine whether you continue with the relationship or not.

You must be sincere to yourself and not be delusion by he will change, that may never happen. For the case of the now glorified Pastor who is seeking to divorce his wife because suddenly he is now leading a large congregation and supposed to lead with an intelligent and educated spouse.

He was supposed to have asked the following question before tying the knot.

Which school did you attend?

At what level did you get stop?

What was your best course or subject.?

What’s your take about education?

Do you plan on furthering your education?

Why did you stop at these level?

These and many would have helped him know whether to continue with the relationship or not but was blind by love and ten, 15 years down the line he wants to call it a quit because his wife cannot read fluently.

Before you make that decision of separation understand that divorce is like two separate papers joined with glue or gum and after the period of your marriage you try to separate it. Both papers will tear (wounded).

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